We played Fear Factor recently with vegetables and fruits. Nathan had the distinction of landing on the eggplant but like a trooper, he ate it!


Garden Club

Garden Club as part of 21rst Century Schools has been in full swing since February 2013. These are some of the great kids involved in the program. Spring is here and we re excited to get outside and gardening.


My name is Jessica Pappagianopoulos and I am a sophomore Psychology major at Stonehill College. I am a part of the Building Leaders Learning Community here at Stonehill and my group is currently working on a task involving gardens at an elementary school in Brockton, the Arnone. Our purpose is to implement gardening into the curriculum and after-school program.  During the past few weeks, we have been researching and working on lesson plans and activities and developing a how-to gardening guide. I am not a professional gardener myself, and so all of this research has been very intriguing! This is all in preparation for what we will do this week: go to the Arnone School and assist with the after-school program.

I am scheduled to go to the Arnone School on Halloween and I couldn’t be more excited! We have great activities planned for the students that I am hoping they enjoy! Their feedback will soon be added to this blog!

My name is Kaitlyn Schweikert. I am a sophomore Healthcare Administration/Psychology double major at Stonehill College. I am from a small town in midcoast Maine, Belfast. I chose to participate in the Building Leaders Learning Community because of the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and become involved in a social justice program. The idea of applying classroom theory to a community program appealed to me. Theories presented in the classroom become significant when they can be applied to real life situations, like this gardening initiative.  In seventh grade, our middle school curriculum was based solely around the garden. Each classroom curriculum, math, science, social studies and English, was in some way linked to the garden. For example, in social studies, we studied economics. We applied the theories taught in the classroom to the garden by establishing a Farm Stand and selling our products to the community after school. We also had to establish a business plan that could be used to open a business that utilized garden products. I do not remember many lessons from middle school. However, those classes that involved applying ideas and concepts taught in the classroom to the garden have stuck with me over the last seven years. I think that this fact is very significant and is part of the reason that I am so excited to be working with kids in a similar environment to the one I had in middle school. I hope that the academic lessons come alive through experimentation and hands on learning so that they can have an effect on children not just that day, but in the future as well. I believe that experiential learning is incredibly valuable. After watching the documentary entitled, Hunger Hits Home, I developed an even greater appreciation and desire to become involved in projects that make a difference for children and families. The documentary featured families across the country who are undernourished and struggling to get by. This serves as inspiration to do a good job in our work and solidifies that there is a great need in our country and community for kids to have access to programing and positive experiences at school, such as these community gardens. I am looking forward to meeting the students next week and implementing our garden-based learning activities into the classroom!


My name is Alex and I attend Stonehill College. I am from a small town in Massachusetts that is about 45 minutes away from Brockton. I am very excited to get started and learn more about the gardening project. Although I come from a rural area with a few farms around town, I have little experience when it comes to gardening but I am ready and excited to learn! The class that I am enrolled in at my school, which is associated with this project, is called Building Leaders. It teaches us about good leadership skills and being an effective leader to form a capable team in order to meet common goals. My hopes for this project are to have a positive impact on the children in Brockton. Hopefully I can act as a mentor or someone these kids can feel comfortable talking to or coming to for advice or comfort. I hope this to be a positive and fun experience for all! I look forward to getting started and working with the community!

Hey everyone,

My name is Erin and I am a student at Stonehill College. I am eager to learn about, and experience the benefits of the gardening project first hand in Brockton. Though I only live about an hour away from Brockton in Burlington Ma, I have definitely experienced how important green space is in a community. As a town argued to be as commercial as Boston, Burlington’s green space and gardens are rapidly diminishing. Because of this, I am so eager to be a part of this initiative in Brockton as I truly believe in the importance of these environmental efforts. Along with my fellow Stonehill students, we cannot wait to get involved with the community and will definitely be documenting our experiences as we progress!

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